Hiking in Auburn

Nicholas and I were lucky to get a hike in before this week’s storm. Prior to all the rain, we enjoyed a nice, easy hike in Auburn on the Greenwood and Gerle Loop trail. The trail was particularly stunning thanks to it following along a creek and the South Fork American River.

To be honest, I’m not a huge fan of pine trees. I enjoy the mountains and the towering pines that call them home, but I’ve always been partial to oak trees and rolling hills.

Well, this hike had both which made it all the more exciting to me to walk through both terrains on the 2.5 mile trail β€” and yet the diversity!

The trail was up against a Bureau of Land Management area, so along the trail we saw campers and day-trip kayakers along with fly fisherman. On the trail itself were hiking couples, families, and dog and owner duos.

Perhaps the most intriguing sight on the trail was at the trailhead itself. Upon turning into the trail parking lot, we spotted a sign warning not to bring RVs or trailers into the parking lot. We didn’t think anything of it, until we turned the corner and found this sight awaiting us:

A mood

We once again left Cooper and Fidus at home to try out the trail for ourselves first: great news! It’s wide enough to have quick escape routes if Fidus reacts to a dog or Cooper reacts to a stranger or loud noise (they are a mess). We are going to take them out in a few weeks. Fingers crossed it goes well and their cute, happy faces cover a blog post in the near future celebrating their success.

Northern California Adventures

Since my husband, Nicholas, and I moved up to Sacramento in the middle of a pandemic, we’ve done little to explore Northern California besides exploring the outdoors. Here are a few of my favorite photos from a short jaunt up to Redding and a hike New Year’s weekend to Calcutta Falls in Auburn.

While in Redding for a couple of days earlier this fall, we explored Sundial Bridge and Burney Falls, both pictured above. Nicholas had a foot energy, so we didn’t do as much hiking as we would have liked, but we were glad to be able to walk around these two spots. We’d never been to Redding before, and I’m so glad we went in November and caught the end of its autumn colors.

We explored closer to home New Year’s weekend with a hike in Auburn. We left the dogs at home to scout the area ourselves first. Fidus would have loved it! The trail was full of dogs. One particularly happy malamute would run ahead of its owners, say hello to us, and then run back to check in.

The hike led to a small waterfall with a shallow pond at its base. It was a canine favorite. In our short time there, we saw several dogs charge past their owners straight into the pond. It was a perfect scene to witness as we rung in the new year.