Open Orange County Restaurants

Hi Southern California, friends! This may not be dog-related, but it’s community-related so I’m still sharing! After struggling to find a list of restaurants in Orange County (specifically Anaheim area) still serving take-out and delivery, I’ve put this list together.

March 24 was called The Great American Takeout day in order to encourage the support of our local businesses during this very uncertain time of COVID-19. Many places are hoping it catches on every Tuesday. I hope this list helps you find a place to support Tuesdays and any days you need a break from cooking throughout this crisis.

I know there are many restaurants probably missing, and if you see one missing that you know is open for take-out or delivery, please send me an email at and I will add it to this list! Same goes with if you see a mistake. Things are changing rapidly so there’s a chance restaurant policy has changed since I put this together (yes, even just in the last few hours).

This list originally included national chains/fast food restaurants, but given how large it has become, I’ve decided to remove them and list mostly local businesses β€” especially since most chains are open, especially fast food drive-thrus.

UPDATE: OC Restaurant Association has a great website to help you find takeout in Orange County and nearby cities! You can also find restaurants on this Reddit thread!

List last updated on 3/31/2020. Click on the cities below for each one’s open restaurants.

Aliso Viejo, Laguna Beach, Laguna Hills, & Laguna Niguel


Brea & Yorba Linda

Buena Park 

Costa Mesa

Cypress & Los Alamitos

Dana Point, San Clemente, & San Juan Capistrano

Fountain Valley


Garden Grove

Huntington Beach

Irvine & Tustin

Lake Forest, Mission Viejo, & Rancho Santa Margarita

Newport BeachΒ 


Santa Ana

Restaurants with Several OC Locations

85C Bakery Cafe

Avila’s El Ranchito

BCD Tofu House

Board & Brew

First Class Pizza

Paris Baguette

Stacks Pancake House

Tan Hoang Huong Sandwiches

Have a pet and looking for open pet stores, groomers, and more? Check out our Open Pet Businesses in Orange County blog post.

22 Replies to “Open Orange County Restaurants”

  1. RANT: Restaurants are not the only small business

    Every other second I see posts about supporting your local restaurant. Tip your delivery driver well. Well you know what, at least these places are still open.

    How exactly is a donut, or coffee, or cake an essential? That restaurant, well you can cook your own food. Oh, you think you can’t get sick if an employee is sick? That sick restaurant employee can pass this on to hundreds of people.

    But all I see and hear is about supporting your local restaurant, coffee shop, bakery, and it’s really nonsense. yes, they are suffering, but so are the countless other small businesses out there.

    Florists, Nail Salons, Beauty Salons, Massage Therapists, Dog Walkers, Gyms, Print Shops, and countless other small businesses. But you know what, nobody cares about them. These places are shut down and not making a penny.

    They will probably be shut down longer because so many assholes are not maintaining social distancing. They are buying from their favorite boba or coffee shop and hanging around outside together. This entire social distancing is complete crap when nothing is enforced, and it only hurts businesses and the economy more.


    1. Hi! I’m really sorry if this post upset you. And I’m sorry to hear about the other local businesses that are closed. I made this list because I’ve had a hard time finding the grocery items I need and have thus been looking at options for eating out in case I ran out of everything at home. I also made it because I saw that tomorrow was a day to support local restaurants. That’s not to say that I don’t care about the other local businesses, in fact, my photography business is hurting with all foreseeable events canceled. I fully support us trying to help all local businesses. To be honest, I just hadn’t thought of a way to help the ones that are closed. If you know of a way to support those other businesses, please let me know! We should get the word out because I think most people (including myself) are just unaware of how to do so. I’ll be posting a pet-related business blog later this week since that better fits my audience of what pet-businesses are still open.


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